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“It was a dream. There was absolutely no stress. I go to Coachella every year and I will ALWAYS use the shuttles from now on without question. You guys might be my new favorite company. Everyone I talked to from the shuttle staff to the people working the phones was very friendly and helpful. It’s like they knew exactly how important this weekend was to me.”

“Very professional, kind, water handy…best of all, I left my purse with everything in it on the shuttle Sunday night.  I called Kyle at the CID head office, he radioed all shuttles to have them look for my purse, and when they found out who had it, they instructed driver to return to the hotel to return it. Thank you again so much.”

“Everyone was helpful, knowledgeable, and professional. Way to go!”

“Nice, friendly, helpful people, every one.”

“[VMT Customer Service was] very nice AND KNOWLEDGEABLE on the phone!”

“This is my 4th year staying [at La Quinta Resort]. One of my favorite hotels in the world!”

“The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable and got us checked in within a matter of minutes.”

“Excellent Excellent Excellent!! I plan to use it next year. Very professional and the buses with clean, staff was awesome!! Best Service EVER!! I would highly recommend it!!”

“Valley Music Travel staff was extremely helpful and friendly, from the staff at the La Quinta resort to the shuttle drivers. I will definitely consider VMT in the future!”

“A+++ I would use their service anytime it is offered.”

“You all did an exceptional job. Seriously– everything was effortless. We were pleasantly surprised and enjoyed the organized, professional, and comfortable shuttle experience. Well done, so worth the money.”

“For the past years I’ve been to Coachella, I’ve been saying to my friends, ‘I wish there was shuttle buses from the hotel.’ It made a huge difference, not having to drive or catch a cab. Keep it up!!”

“I was traveling with a small child, and it was very important that shuttles were prompt and convenient. There was always a shuttle ready and waiting at the festival grounds–we never had to wait more than 5 minutes to get on the road. Excellent service!”

“I can’t believe it took 11 years to come up with this! Totally enhanced my Coachella experience, and I will never get there any other way. In fact, I would probably consider skipping Coachella if I have to drive after experiencing your awesome service!”

“Great service! Shuttles ran on time and cut through all the traffic. Busses were nice and clean. Best organized service all weekend.”

“On time, efficient service, friendly people, clean buses, ready to go after the show, beat the traffic, will do it again next year.”

“Very well organized, it was worry free getting there and back!”

“It was totally worth the money, getting out of the show every night was like a dream, and all the staff I interacted with was great.”